Monday, February 21, 2011


I'm on a bit of a roll this morning.

A few weeks ago I was fishing with my buddy Scott. We took a break at one point and sat down. Scott can really pull through at just the right times. He reaches in his pack and pulls out 2 Belgian beers that were a whoooping 10% ABV. He also pulls out a bag of chips and tells me to try one. That's all he says. I reach in and grab one. I think my look said it all becaue I didn't say anything and he said, "I know." I grabbed the bag. These were pretzel chips flavored like buffalo chicken wings. Now the pretzels were really flat and each one contained just enough spice. You close your eyes and you think you're eating chicken wings.

The next day I go to both grocery stores in our fair town. None. I actually drove around the Springs looking for these chips. None. Yesterday we were running errands and we passed a grocery store and I pulled in. At first we came up trumps. Then...I spotted them. They were not in the chip section but in their very own section. It was a bit of scavenger hunt really. I grabbed Heather (somewhat aggressively). Then I ran. Completely prepared to take out anyone even in the vicinity of these chips. Literally. I bought all they had. I got some strange looks when I high fived Heather but then I bolted to the self-checkout and immediately ripped open a bag.

I wish I could go into further details but I'm afraid I can't. I will say that I only have 3 bags of them left and they are all going to work with me tomorrow. They will be locked up in my classroom and booby trapped. Maybe I'll do a photoshoot later on today for ya but don't hold your breath.

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