Friday, February 25, 2011

Honey Stinger

Honey Stinger is a company based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. They've been in business for about 9 years now and they make really good, honey-based energy foods. They have gels, bars, chews, and now some incredible waffles. You can find their products in most outdoor stores, bike shops, and natural foods stores. You can read more about their stuff or check out their website here.

Back in December I submitted an application for a sponsorship with Honey Stinger. I kept it on the down low because I didn't think it was going to happen. I posted something here about it back then but I didn't get specific. I think I said something about writing down a goal for 2011 and truly realizing how big it was after seeing it in writing. I was pretty hesitant to send it in but then decided to do it after all. Today I spoke with the company and they informed me that I made their grassroots team. I am super thrilled to represent them and am very inspired to throw out all the stops and absolutely smash myself for that goal.


Anonymous said...

this is really cool Chris!!

Honey Stinger products are the only ones I like well enough to pre-pack some for a multi-day!!!!

Ha, so imo you done very good indeed

Chris said...

THanks Marshal. I'm pretty excited and it's definitely motivating.

TK said...

just got a box of the waffles, can't wait to try them. great job!

Chris said...

Thank you Tim.