Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Once again...

a Seinfeld theme finds it's way into my life. No...not George's baldness. There was an episode where Kramer started using mousse in his hair. He said it changed his life. He said he felt like he had lived two lives. His pre-mousse and then...his post-mousse. If you know me, you know that I tend to change my facial hair frequently. Since I don't have much up top, it's all I got. I like the goatee but my chin hair has this really weird cowlick kinda thing going on and it seems to sweep one way and always ends up looking off when it gets too long. I've always wanted to grow a long beard but...again...there's the whole cowlick thing not to mention that I'm so OCD that I'd never get done trimming it. Now...I've experimented with a mustache before but it never lasts long. This is the longest one has ever lasted and I'm getting rather used to it. I feel almost like I've lived two lives. There was my pre-mustache and now there's my post mustache.

In other news...I have put on a whopping 10 pounds this winter and I'm now tipping the scales at a solid 175. Not much of that weight is in the mustache. It seems to be concentrated in my butt, lower back, legs, thighs, and abs. My core feels very strong and even on my SS bike, my back is never sore after even 6 hours of riding. My dressier pants for work are actually getting a little toit in the ass. I bought some new Carharts several months back and had not worn them yet. I put them on the other day and...they didn't fit any more. So...I got another pair over the weekend and now I'm up to a 34" waist and I honestly haven't even been drinking all that much beer the last month and a half. No seriously.

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