Monday, July 13, 2009

Van up on stands

I'm trying to figure out if it's safe to drive the van or not. When we got back from Gunnison, it was leaking oil and coolant in 1 puddle. The weird thing was that the coolant in the oil was really green and normally if the 2 are mixing, it will look like a milkshake and not green. It almost looked like there were 2 separate leaks. The Waterboxer motor is so strange. The only place those 2 fluids would be able to transfer would be in the oil cooler and there's no way of telling. They don't go bad too often but I considered changing it but can't justify the dough. I cleaned the motor off super well and put the van up in the air and let the motor run for over an hour. I found a small oil leak at the drain bolt and another small oil leak where the case halves meet the trans. This is most likely a crank seal that's bad but I also noticed that the bolts that hold the case halves together were a bit loose. I tightened them up and let it run for another hour and didn't see any oil from that area. I never saw any coolant so I'm a bit confused. Heather's going out of town for a bit so I'm waiting until she leaves to work on the thing. I'll change the oil and see what it looks like, fix the leaky drain plug and then reinstall the exhaust bracket that broke while trying to get a better look at the other leak and then drive it and see what happens. That combined with some other issues has me really looking into different motors to swap into the van.

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