Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ready to roll

This is it. The rear bag is holding as minimal of a sleeping setup as I think I wanna go with especially with the wet and colder conditions that we've had this summer. The front bag is holding rain gear, base layer, 2 different types of gloves (perhaps overkill but I don't like cold hands and I think there may be some times this year when I'll ride through the night), long sleeve jersey, arm and knee warmers, 1 pair of wool socks and a hat. Right now the SPOT is in the front pocket of the handlebar bag. I'm hoping it can transmit through the fabric. I'm not comfortable with it being out of sight since I lost my other one that way. Obviously I would love for things to be lighter but I dropped a ton of weight from last year and I'm not sure where I'd cut it now. I've thought long and hard about the clothing I'm bringing. Even during the day, I think it's been significantly cooler this summer and for sure at night. I dicked around too much last year. If I'm not taking in food or actually sleeping this year...I'll be riding.

The leaderboard (where you'll be able to go and see everyone's SPOT simultaneously) is being created now and should be done in a day or 2. I'll post a link to that under the link to my shared page. I'll also figure out where the call ins will be hosted and provide a link for that. Thanks for looking.

Bike as pictured is 35lbs. so there's 10 lbs. of gear.


Craig said...


Best of luck. I'll be following your SPOT.


PS: Great tire choices... been running that combo a while now and I love it. Just one question: Is that Crossmark's sidewall a little scuffed? Seems like I get more sidewall cuts when they get like that.

Chris said...

Good eye Craig. I'm waiting for our local shop to see if he can get a tire in for me before I head down the mountain for one.

Thanks man.


Mason Storm said...

Good luck with the CTR! I will be there next year for sure. What bags are those? I have been looking into some and so far Epic Designs out of AK seems to be pretty good...but pricey!
Matt Hoffmeyer