Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bodhi got us up at 0630 this morning throwing up. He did this for about an hour and a half and, not to be gross, but there was nothing but what I would guess is just stomach fluids after that. He was fine for about 45 minutes and then it all started up again. No real contents to it. He looked terrible. Tail down, ears back and his demeanor was really mellow. Definitely not the Bodhi we know and love. We took him into the vet at 1000 and they checked him out and gave him an anti-vomitory med. He hasn't eaten all day and wont drink much either. I did get him to drink some Gatorade. If this continues into tomorrow, the vet wants to do an xray and see if there is something blocking his intestines. Really worried about the big guy and I don't need this just days before leaving.

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