Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm a bachelor again

No we're not in Splitsville. Heather went back to the 314 to check on her peeps. She's supposed to be dragging Pastor Pablo back here with her next week so that'll be cool to see him. Haven't seen him since our wedding. So it's just me and the 2 mutts. Weather's been cooperating really well this week. It's a big week for me. I got in 80 yesterday and am now a bit over 250 for the week. I'll easily have 500 for the week when it's done. It's starting to annoy me though. I know every crack and dip in the roads around here. Gonna leave for 40 on the road in a minute here and then get in 3-4 hours on the dirt afterwards. Sorry for the absence of pics lately. I'm using the Mac as the PC is on the fritz. I haven't tried IPhoto much yet. I'll take some pics of the dirt ride later on and try and get those up for your viewing pleasure. Hope all is well with everyone. Not much time left before we leave.

Jefe Branham (one of those Gunnison crazy's) recently recon'd the new segments (22 and 23) and reported back on the amount of hiking and remoteness. Fully loaded and tired I bet we're looking at close to 20 hours to get through that 30ish miles. Half of it will be walking. Supposed to be silly in terms of beauty though. Kinda looking forward to it. Might take Bodhi so he can pull me. If I have to......maybe I could eat him?

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