Thursday, July 2, 2009

stuff from today

Within 15 minutes of getting in the water, I got hooked by a #18 Sparkle Wing RSII. I hate those flies. It was Scott's and I netted his fish for him and was getting the fly unhooked from the net while he was unhooking the lead fly from the trout and he let go of the fish and it yanked the fly from my right hand and into my finger. I don't know that I've ever caught a trout on any type of RSII. I'm 97% certain it was an attempt to handicap me for the day. I fished with it in my finger for several hours until the first storm came in and then sat under a tree and cut all the material off the hook as well as the eye and then went to work on pushing it through and out. It was not to be. So I just got back from the Urgent Scare in town here and they got it out for me and gave me a lovely tetnis shot. You might ask why Scott can't net his own fish? Well apparently he was admiring all his fishing gear the other day and decided to spread it out all over the garage floor so he could get a good look at it. He dashed inside (probably for a Bud Light Lime) and his lovely wife ran over all his gear. His net is now a 2 piece. Sorry dude.

I've never seen Cheesman Canyon as green as it is right now. Beautiful day down in the canyon. Conditions were really tough. Flows were a bit over 700 and the water was a bit stained. We caught more browns than I'd normally expect in this section of the Platte. We saw some huge Rainbows all day and they were aggressively feeding but we could not figure out what they were interested in. I love to target feeding fish. I am not the guy who casts to water unless I see a fish feeding. I have no problem spending an hour on a fish as long as it's feeding...eventually I figure it out. I think today was the first time I've ever given up on a fish. I tried everything. I worked this trout for probably over 2 hours. Changing flies, adjusting the indicator, playing with weight. Sometimes I'd get a nice look and a follow but never a take. Throughout the day we ran across a dozen big bows that did the same thing. Always good to get out with my friend Scott though.

This is what it looks like to drive the Van.

Scott working picky Rainbow's.

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