Saturday, July 4, 2009

This was from the episode where someone stole George's glasses from the locker room at the fitness club. During this same episode, George thought he saw Jerry's girlfriend making out with cousin Jeffrey but this actually turned out to be a woman talking closely to a horse. Somewhere in the episode Jerry is talking about how George can squint his way down to 20/30 vision and how one night he was spotting racoons left and right. Later we find out that those racoons were really mailboxes.

Anyway...the point of all this is that on the way back up the mountain this afternoon, I spotted an animal running across the highway. It was very overcast and rainy but I'm pretty sure of what I saw. I yelled out, "LOOK AT THAT BOBCAT!!!!" Now....several minutes later, Heather looks up and says, "That wasn't a bobcat". To be honest...Heather's the one that handles our finances and if there are any important decisions to be made in this house...she's making them...even if I tell you I made the should assume I'm lying. To be further honest...I don't even know if she knows what a bobcat is. I should also mention that Heather is blind as a bat without her glasses. I can't confirm whether her glasses were on her face, was she cleaning them, were they up on the brow?

She tells me it was a fox with no tail. How many foxes (is that right for plural or is it foxii?) have you ever seen with no tail? Now finding an image of a tail-less fox was difficult (cuz there aren't many!!) but I found this one. It looks nothing like what I saw run in front of the Vanagon. It was not beefy like this one and it looked a bit run down. A second later I find out that all along, she's been looking at the floor/carpet near the shifter and she asks if that's a squashed bee. I say yeah...cuz I killed it the other day before he almost stung my foot. Then it dawns on me....she saw the animal for far less time than I did!!!! I think it's safe to say that I did, in fact, see a tired, wet, and hungry...perhaps sick...bobcat.

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