Monday, July 20, 2009

Pretty close to how it looked last year except for the white accents. I wanted a white stem but it didn't happen. I just went through it today and it got new cables/housing, a thorough cleaning (although for those that don't know always looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor), new chain (SRAM this time), cassette, overhauled both hubs and I think that's about it. It'll get new tires before the 2nd and new rim strips. I've been running more air in them this year and it helps to keep the tubes from rolling around inside and pinching when the rim strip moves. I was going to give the fork some love but it's only 1 year old right now and I think Rock Shox says to do it somewhere in that 18 month to 2 year range. Granted I have spent an enormous amount of time on my road bike this year, but the brakes have been working great and are not dragging so I decided to run them as I really want to do a motor swap on the van and I need to start stockpiling. Plus....they just feel sooooo good. I thought I was going to have to fill out some loan papers this morning so I could get some new chainrings but after another cup of coffee they are fine.

This is pretty much all the gear that I am taking with me this year. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna run both of my Carousel Designs bags again. I thought long and hard about just strapping my bedroll to the bar but the bag itself doesn't weigh much at all and the pockets on the front sure come in handy. I also think it's gonna be important to have some extra room to stash food for that long haul to Silverton from the Hot Springs. Actually in my mind I'm considering Buena Vista to be the last true stop before Silverton.

I've managed to cut down on my meal kit but I do have more bulk with the water filter but that's a trade off I'll take. The only extra piece of clothing I'm bringing this year is a long sleeve jersey just in case. My backpack is WAY smaller and I have quite a bit of room in that left over too so that's cool. At the last minute I may throw the bedroll in my backpack just to get some of the weight off the bike. I'm sure I'll repack and go over my gear at least 50 more times before I go though.


Anonymous said...

That’s a lean set up, very serious for 09 me thinks

but only 50 times?? slacker

Chris said... you....I gotta finish this year man. Ya know..even if I do I maystill show up next year but it'll be different then.

And as lean as it still looks like a whole lot of crap piled up on the floor.