Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

We checked out an art expedition down in Springs and then ate at a new brewery. It rained off and on all day again and there was a small window at about 6 so we decided to take the critters for a walk. We made it to the far end of town and then things opened up. Full on rain and lightning. Being the boy Scout that I am, I did have my rain jacket. Heather was in fleece. She declined my offer to run home and pick her and the dogs up in the van as well as my offer to give her my jacket so if you saw us....know that I did the honorable thing. We were soaked when we got home. When most people were BBQing for the holiday, we sat inside and I built a raging fire because I really didn't wanna turn the heat on and it was cold. There was supposed to be some festivities in town but I'm sure those were cancelled. We have been getting bombed with storms. It's already overcast out now so I'm preparing for yet another ride in the rain. I fear that water wings will be something I need for this years race. I made a purchase yesterday that I hope will keep me dry when I need to bed down for the night. Should be here this week sometime. 

Hope you all had a safe/fun holiday. 

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