Saturday, September 4, 2010

Today I fished Spinney Ranch. There weren't many dudes there but I think it's been fishing pretty tough lately so it's no surprise to me. This weekend I started at the barns and there weren't many skeeters to speak of. Flows still suck at 151cfs and what few fish are in the area are hunkered down in the deeper pools and pretty spooky. This is the first hole I decided to start at. While I looked into the middle I saw a dinner plate sized flash almost immediately. I pulled 2 browns out but not the one I was looking for and moved on.

Much of the river looks like this right now with long stretches that are ridiculously thick with grass. It's very frustrating when you need to get down to the bottom quick but not too quick that your junk gets hung up in the weeds or else you have to clean your rig after each drift. I caught 6 or 8 browns but nothing big. I had 2 or 3 break off and the last one felt like it had a bit of size to it but still not what I was looking for. I think I'm back to being a snob.

I walked the river all the way up to the spillway but just didn't see anything that was making me stop in my tracks. On the way back downstream I decided to stop here and eat some lunch and drink a beer. The far side of the bank and just to the right of the fence is where I asked Heather to marry me. There were salmon by the trailer load in the river that year. Haven't seen it like that since. Damn gill lice wiped em out.

Shortly after this portrait was taken, I fell asleep. I already no where I'm going tomorrow night.

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