Thursday, September 23, 2010


Because I've assumed a bit more responsibility at work this year, I'm fielding quite a bit more phone calls from concerned parents. It's been yet another tough week and I'm glad it's Friday. My bike is cleaned and ready to go. The green car is packed. My Principal said I could cut out of work an hour early (although I probably won't though) to get over there faster. My plan is to leave asap and head to Buean Vista and then go over Cottonwood Pass and take in the shitty scenery. Then I'll drive along the Taylor River and head into Gunnison. I'll get my food sorted at Safeway and then grab a pie before heading out of town. I'm gonna sleep under the stars by a creek that I rode next to for a bit last year after I pulled the plug on the CTR. Then in the morning I'll head back into what is my favorite town (I'm still pissed off that things didn't work out here and that Colorado has such a shitty take on education) and grab some really early morning breakfast before heading into the Butte'er to catch up with some old friends. This is just one little adventure I'm hoping to bag before the snow hits (although when I let the dogs out this morning we already had fresh snow at higher elevations around town). I'm really excited to ride this weekend. The weather is supposed to be wonderful (low's at 30 and high of 65ish). No storms expected like the last time I was over there for this event. I have no idea what kind of shape I'm in and.......I really don't care. I just wanna appreciate some of the things that I know I will soon not be able to see from my deck. I'm bringing my lights. In a way I hope I'm done before it gets dark but.......I really don't care. I like riding at night on trails. If I finish early enough I'll come home to Heather. If I take longer than expected, I'll find a tree to sleep under and come home on Sunday.

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