Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Several months back I submitted an entry for a casting call of the show Man vs. Wild. Well tonight's episode was Fan vs. Wild. Evidently I was not selected. I was bitter at first and even debated organizing a boycott of all things Bear Grylls. However, I tuned in to see the 2 knuckleheads that got to be on the show. Impressed I was not. The producers were not looking for people that could show Bear up but, rather, dudes that could barely tie their own shoes. I was able to make it through til the first commercial break and then I switched to the Wire and Jimmy McNulty, Bunk, Kima and, indeed, Omar. I realize now that I am more than Bear Grylls. In fact...I think Bear Grylls not only desires to be me but probably has a pretty hearty man crush on me. Allow me to present to you Exhibit A. In the past, Bear's knife has been custom made for him by a guy. This season, Bear has been using a knife crafted in Portland, Oregon by the fine folks at Gerber. It just so happens that I have been using the exact knife (the no longer made LMF II...not to be confused with the new and smaller Prodigy) since the end of last summer. Regular readers will even recall that I did an entry on said knife here and even took a rather sexy picture of it with my Ross reel while backpacking in Rocky Mountain National Park last September with the Coconut Rum crew. Coincidence? I think not. I've been rockin' Gerber knives for years Bear. It appears that Bear and Gerber are going to work together to come up with a new knife that will be out this fall. I'm sure it won't be worthy of my hands and no where near the surgical weapon that the LMF II has proven to be. I'm pretty sure that if I was put in a situation where I needed to take out a rabid boar suffering from a hangnail that I'd do just fine.

In other, less exciting news, I decided a few days ago to go try and harvest a mustache again. I've attempted this before to no avail. It never last more than a week and then it bothers me. Problem is...with blond hair it's gonna have to get some body to it in order to really show up. I normally never make it past the point of looking like a pre-teen Swedish boy. It's ok though...I don't even know that Bear shaves.

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