Monday, September 13, 2010

Bike cop

Yesterday I was getting ready to go on a ride when my McNulty senses started to tingle (and it wasn't from the chamois cream either). Something was rotten in Denmark. I won't go into detail because well....that's classified. I will say that I was able to ride around town in brightly colored lycra looking for one of Woodland Park's finest. I finally tracked one down who was in the middle of a B and E (that's breaking and entering to you citizens) call. Said officer was pretty much blowing me off until I showcased my inner detective skills and told her that not only could I tell her who had done the B and E but also where they currently were in our fair town. Long story short....I solved the crime my first day on the job. I asked when the department would be doing their next meeting as I felt the need to de-brief the rest of the troops on the incident but humor in it she failed to find. Even though I personally feel that a key to the city is in order, I would settle for a plastic badge.

The entire episode reminded me all too well of some of the crazies that we encountered while working at the first Big Shark Bicycles location down in the Loop. Back when things were real and mostly unchecked. There was one short statured guy in particular who rode around every day, all day, up and down the sidewalks and busy street. He simply called himself, and we all obliged, "the bike cop". Oh he was more than a tad mentally unstable but, then again, that was par for the Delmar Boulevard course. What he lacked in real sirens he more than made up for with his wailing voice. He even had a small memo pad that he kept on him and would use a real pen or pencil to write tickets to unsuspecting violators. Oh the tickets were fake but they were all to real to him. If someone argued then he'd eagerly up the ticket to resisting. During the hottest part of the summer, when the action was at it's peak, he would even come into the small confines of the shop with his musky scent and provide us with status reports or come in for the occassional repair (which was always on the house). Kinda makes me wish I could re-kindle those days. We sure had some good times. Don't know where you are now bike cop but I hope you're still writing tickets.

I may actually have an idea for something here. Lemme marinate on things tonight for a bit eh?

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