Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cruise to the Clouds

Last year we didn't check out the car show because of some bad weather that rolled in pretty quickly. We were pretty excited to wake up to a perfect day this morning though and decided to take the pups and go have a look. There were actually quite a few cars up there and a good variety too. While I do like all cars, I tend to gravitate towards the Chevies when it comes to the older ones. Probably has everything to do with the fact that my father was a huge Chevy fan.

I really like the Chevelle's and there were quite a few of them to see. This is a 1970 model that was in really nice shape. For me though....if the classic Chevy doesn't have Rally wheels it's never a good thing. The Cragar's are nice but not on this car.

Most of the time the owners of the cars were not there to talk with and that was the case with this kick ass 65 Chevelle. I'm not a real big Corvette buff but I'm pretty sure this is an LS1 out of a C5 model.

I usually don't like it too much when the car's been updated with modern stuff but this one was hot. I couldn't get nearly as good a look at any of the cars as I would have liked with the dogs there and all but this one had really nice suspension and aftermarket brakes. I'm sure it handles wonderfully.

This was actually the first car I looked at. A 1969 Yenko Camaro. I do not know if it was all original but if it was, it's one of 201 made in that year. I've always wanted a 69 Camaro even when I had my 68.

It was in good shape but I can do without the wheels.

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