Monday, September 13, 2010


Facebook is the rake. A few years ago I guess, my good friend TK calls and says I gotta check out his FB page. So I go to do so and then am told that I have to register before I can view it. Reluctantly, I register. Then I find out that by registering I have actually created a page of my own. I look at TK's and while it's nice....I have no desire to do the same. In fact...FB scares the crap outta me. I feel like I'm standing in the middle of Grand Central Station with my pants around my ankles. Now...every once in a while I get messages in my Yahoo email about someone crawling outta the woodwork to get back in touch with me. In my mind...the people I want to stay hidden from far outweigh the ones I wouldn't mind saying hi to and even further outweigh the ones that I'd lay down in traffic for.

I present Exhibit A: a few weeks back I get an email linked from FB from a perfect stranger asking me if my mother's name is so and so and that she's been trying to locate me for some time. I was speechless. I am speechless still. I'm also a bit angry. My family is the epitomy of dysfunctionality and it's a wonder how the hell I turned out as well rounded as I did (I hear some of you laughing). I still recall the day when my friend Tim said to me, "How many times do you need to get the door shut in your face by your own blood before you get the point?" Reluctantly, and with tremendous sadness, it was those words that I think finally pushed me along in the right direction.

Exhibit B arrived in my inbox a few days ago and it's from my cousins wife. I have three cousins. I wouldn't say I'm particularly close with any of them (again...the lessons I learned throughout life were that distance/caution are a good thing). Not one of these people even bothered to RSVP about my wedding. My aunt (their mother who also didn't show at my wedding or even bother to send a simple card) passed away a few weeks ago. For that I am truly sorry. I tried to be as big a person as I could and sent flowers and a card. I don't think my cousins wife is happy with me.

May you rest in peace Aunty M.

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