Saturday, August 7, 2010

So much fun

My teeth have been feeling a bit better so I decided to do some exploring this morning. I was out the door by 7 a.m. with my fly rod, some coffee, and a rucksack full of snacky cakes. Right away I had pain when breathing with my mouth open. I think the cool air hitting that tooth was making it flare up. So I had to ride slowly. I saw this massive 10 pointer just outside of town. Sorry for the backdoor shot.

I jumped on Ring the Peak just outside of town and took it to North Catamount Reservoir where I rigged up and started fishing with a nymph setup and drank some coffee and ate a Rice Krispy Treat. I saw 2 beautiful bald eagles. I didn't catch any fish at the reservoir but it didn't matter. Then I started to ride counter-clockwise on the ring. Not too far up there's a creek. It was a little blown out from all the recent rain. This creek holds some really nice brookies but they were hip to all my tricks.

I hadn't been on this trail in a long time and I was having a blast so I decided to head up towards the Crags.

Eventually I headed back towards the reservoir.

I fished some more blown out creeks along the way. This little spot had a brookie that had to be pushing 10". Then I stumbled upon a new trail that ended up taking me all the way around North Catamount and brought me over to South Catamount Reservoir. I ended up doing a loop around it before climbing back out and heading home.

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