Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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I would really like to do the Crested Butte 100 in late September so tonight I wanted to do some harder, 10 minute intervals. I made it 6 minutes into the first one before throwing in the towel because of some pain that flared up in the first tooth that got a root canal way back in June. Super cold sensitive from the air hitting it. I'm supposed to go back to the doctor tomorrow morning for a permanent crown install so I'll have her look at that tooth yet again. I'd really be up for pulling all my teeth and going with a custom grill. I don't do gold jewelry though but I think I could do silver. Heather says that only hoosiers get their teeth pulled. I don't know too many hoosiers running around with grills and I bet I could get some fake teeth for a hell of a lot less than 5 large.


Dan Schmatz said...

I will do that race with you.

Chris said...

I'll shoot you a message.