Sunday, August 15, 2010

Craigslist find

When I moved out here I gave my old Reel Mower to Adam. We really don't need one as our grass is a mixture of dirt, wildgrass, and wildflowers, along with just a sprinkling of poop. Our HOA cuts our grass but they only do it twice each year and it's usually right when the wildflowers are in full bloom and then they leave clippings everywhere. So we scored this free electric mower today. I am going to take matters into my own hands. The HOA is pretty nice because they paint our decks and stain the house every few years, they reseal the asphalt once a year, take care of anything on the outside of the house (including the roof which might need replacing after that last hail storm), and shovel the driveway. However, we have been told now since we moved in that we are on the list to have our retaining walls replaced. With all this recent rain, they are really dangerous and have now begun to fall down. We really lucked out in getting one of these houses. We always have people driving up our little street wanting to buy. We actually had two cars stop last week and ask us about selling. We're hoping that it'll be relatively easy to sell when we are looking to move back. If we can get the walls fixed and do some things with the lawn, it's only gonna increase the curb value. We don't have a very big lawn so this should fit the bill. I'll have to pick up a cheap electric trimmer (I gave that to Adam too) now but it should make the house look a bit nicer.

It seemed to be in pretty good shape and it came with a rear bagger and a mulcher.

Here it is after being cleaned up. Yes, I waxed the paint and I even put a little Armor All on the tires.

If I had a small trailer, I would load this thing up and try to get my own business going. I could probably head over to the massive homes up the street from us and make some real bank. But then I'd have to get about 5 of those 50' extension chords cause some of their lawns are really big.

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