Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bluebird days

Absolutely stunning weather the last 2 days. Hardly a cloud in the sky and the evenings have just been breath taking. I went exploring tonight and found another new trail. It started out like this and then turned into some pretty decent hiking through some loose stuff.

Eventually it went through meadows of hardly used singletrack.

Something died here. Probably an elk.

I was actually going to check out a few lakes that I had spotted on Topofusion. I found them but they all had these massive gates that were on lock down and the driveways led to summer access homes. Not a problem. I'll find more. Ran into these 2 little guys on the way back through town. Last year the house next door had a mother shacking up under the porch with all her youngins. These might be two of them. I love the foxes. Or Foxii.

I am so gonna miss evenings like this when we finally move.

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