Sunday, August 8, 2010


My 26" mountain bike has gone from geared to ss at least a dozen times in the last few years. It's currently geared because my chain tensioner (a singulator) broke the last time I took it off. When I rode it as a ss, I liked it but I never stuck with it all that long. I'd really like to ride a true ss without a tensioner or an eccentric hub (like the ENO) or an eccentric bottom bracket. Yesterday I got to thinking whilst I was riding. My Orbea is such a nice bike right now. I don't want it to get dirty. I guess the bigger issue is that because Heather and I had to spend 5 grand on my grill this summer, I will not be able to spend the kind of loot I did on it this year. It's pretty much gotta get me through next year as it sits right now. So.......I'm considering making it a ss. Does anyone have any experience with this? This BB gets excellent reviews other than the bearings going out rather quickly but a set of Phil Wood bearings would take care of that. I could just ride the 26" bike through the winter but the fork is done for and I really like 29ers more. I could also get a Karate Monkey frame/fork and build it up but then I'd have to spend more money. Thoughts?

Then again, yesterday I decided to use a 32x22 all the way home. I was ok on the climbs but I bet I looked like a damn fool spinning upwards of 130rpm's. That's just silly. I did a lot of coasting. Not sure how ss'ers do it.

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Marshal said...

I did my 1st real SS ride yesterday in the Show Low AZ area. 8 hrs, 65 miles (32x20)man was I beat, felt about the same as 12 hr geared ride, maybe this SS stuff is not the best idea??