Sunday, September 6, 2009

Yesterday the garbage disposal gave up the ghost so I went down to Home Depot to look for a new one. After much deliberation I decided to go with the Badger 5. It has 1/2 hp of RAW churning power. Orange peels are no match for this thing. In fact, it's supposed to grind through chicken bones like no ones business. The install was trouble free and quite fun.

Before I put on some saggy pants and showed the crack of my ass in the kitchen, I met up with Marshal Bird to go over some details of the course that we'll be on this weekend in Moab. The plan is to leave Friday at 1530. Marshal wants to hit the bars and clubs asap but I think the 0500 wake up call is gonna hurt bad enough. I'm pretty excited but I know nothing about the trails we'll be on. This is going to be an excellent opportunity for me to play around and experiment with nutritional things. I've already put way more thought into what I'll be putting in my stomach than I think I did for the CTR. Most will probably carry all their gear on their back but I think I'll bring my seat bag so I can stuff it with extra food. I'm planning on 15 hours to finish and will allow for 250-300 calories per hour but I am going to bring a variety of foods (sweet, salty, etc.) and see if I can pinpoint what my body likes after 6 hours and what goes down easy and gives me a good return.

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