Monday, September 21, 2009


It's been snowing all day up here and it's gonna get down into the mid 20's tonight. I had to turn the heat on in the casa AND build a fire.

In other news, I've been either riding my bike to work or catching a ride with the Mrs. and then walking home all year so far. Today as I'm walking home in the snow, I get to end of the driveway and then look up when I hear a dog barking....and then see Bodhi looking out the window. Funny how his box is upstairs in the second bedroom. Then I see Dharma. He sprung himself from the crate. Lord knows how long they were running around terrorizing the house. When I put the key in the lock I took a deep breath. I expected TOTAL carnage. They actually didn't make too big of a mess. I could tell they were rough housing in the bed as all the sheets and blankets were on the floor but nothing was ripped up.

I am very thankful that both of them are ok and that they didn't fight over a toy or anything like that. No cuts, scrapes, or blood anywhere in the house that I've seen. Definitely dodged a bullet there. He gets so excited and gets that crate a rockin and then pops the door open. Now I gotta figure out how to reinforce his cage and keep that bedroom door closed just in case.

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