Monday, September 28, 2009


It is unbelievable to me how many homeless people are living on the streets in Colorado Springs. They're not really in the streets per se but there are quite a few of them camped out along 24 and Fountain Creek as well as the river as it runs through town. During the day you can't see much unless you know where to look but at night, you can see the glow from all the fires. It's sad and every time we drive by I mention something about it to Heather. I'm sure that a good number of them are mentally ill but I also think that a lot of them are there simply because of the way the economy is. Some of my close friends have been unfortunate enough to lose their jobs. It could be them out there.

Anywho...I was recently cleaning out my closet and ended up with a stack of clothes that I haven't worn in eons. Some of it's decent stuff. Some of it's not been worn at all. Throwing it away just seems stupid so I'm thinking about going down to the river some night this week and giving it away to people. Not sure why but I think I'd rather do that than give it to Goodwill. Some of these people probably couldn't buy a Kavu shirt at GW if it was 5 bones. I think I started thinking about this during my hike over the weekend. It's amazing what a fleece hat can do. I have 2 of them from Mountain Hardware that have never been on yet.

Unfortunately...nobody will be getting Heather's black boots. Well.....they could get one.

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