Sunday, September 20, 2009


Work has been super busy. It's an entirely different ball game (at least for me) when I'm working with adolescents that require behavior management. Teaching reading is something that I really started to enjoy and could actually see myself doing all day long but I do love dealing with students that no one else can. I have 14 students right now and they're in and out all day long so I might have 6 in the room at one time that all need help on different subjects. I have some that are in with me all day long because they're struggling so they need to be kept busy or thingshit the fan. I'm back to documentation on any incident that pops up for each of them throughout the day including tracking their annual goals and objectives. This is the biggest school I've worked in thus far and they provide me with a cell phone and a walkie talkie so they can get in touch with me even when I'm in the bathroom. I haven't worked with this level of student in a while but I'm lovin' it.

The thing that's causing me the most stress right now though is grad school. I'm getting my degree in literacy and I'm down to the last 3 hours now and that means a huge research project. The switch in jobs is going to make it really hard on me. Most of the students I work with now don't read all that poorly. They just can't act right. I think I might have to call about 10 of the students/parents I had on last years caseload and do my research and project with them. It's going to mean a lot of time after school and on weekends collecting data. I'll be so glad when this year is done.

In other father in law finds out on Tuesday if he's beaten the cancer. I sure hope he has. He's been in pretty good spirits lately and it sure would suck to get some bad news. He's had a pretty shitastic year. Hope Tuesday is reason to celebrate dad.

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