Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ready to see Moab

Well Diesel Marshal is gonna swing by here tomorrow in the pimp van and pick me up to head to Moab. I'm pretty psyched to see Moab. I've been pouring over the map and route. For those familiar with the area, we're leaving town and heading north and then hanging a left on Flatpass Road and taking that until Spanish Valley Road. From there we'll start climbing towards the La Sals via Trans La Sal Trail. After going over some pass, we'll take Burros Pass Trail and then hook up with Porcupine Rim and take that all the way back down to the highway and then the highway back to Moab. I will likely have the SPOT with me and tracking so my wife knows my whereabouts and you can check that out if you're bored. I feel really good about my food for the ride but I'm not spilling the beans yet about what's on the menu b/c if I hit the wall and have some problems then I don't want smarter people asking me what the heck I was thinking. Should be an exciting weekend. I'll take tons of pictures and share them when I get back. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.


Scott said...

Good Luck Chris. Look forward to the trip report when you return.

rambach said...

The ride down porcupine rim was one of my best mountain biking days ever. Enjoy.