Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Things are getting crazy with the school year coming to a close. We're less than 20 days until the end. This time of the year is all about keeping the peace and maintaining order/sanity. I've been doing some decent riding the last few weeks mostly on the trails right here in town and just a short ride from the garage. One of my favorite rides is climbing up Lovell Gulch Trail to a fire road above town (but I love the paved climb heading to the same spot). Then I take the main fire road south which passes quite a few trails (still find new ones after 7 years of living here). I then bomb down singletrack that puts me right behind school and then it's all downstream back to the garage. That ride has the best views of Pikes Peak right before the drop back to town. 

This is one of the trails in Lovell Gulch that climbs up to Rampart. I've been riding 32x20 with my bedroll on the front of the bike right now and it feels fine. I love the thought of doing something like the Colorado Trail on one gear but I gotta figure out if that's gonna be feasible. I have a few rides planned in the near future that will start to give me a good idea.

I'm going to work with Lynda Wallenfells again this year for coaching services but I'm going to be much more willing to deviate from the plan and have some fun. That's about it really. Hope everyone is well. 

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