Sunday, May 13, 2012

Frame bag

Most of the bikepacking specific bags that I have are from Eric Parsons and his company (Revelate Designs) out of Anchorage, Alaska. Eric does amazing work and he recently took a big step and partnered with Salsa for frame bags for the Mukluk, Fargo, and El Mariachi. Because he is no longer doing custom frame bags, I had to get my hands on one of these. I had my good friend TK keep an eye out for them to show up at Quality Bicycle Products and BAM!!! Here it is. I'll probably use this for some longer trips this summer but I really wanted it for a Tour Divide ride in 2013. I now have all of the bags I would need for that kind of ride. The frame bag is incredibly stable and it will likely hold a bladder of water, lot's of food, maps, and tools/first aid. The reason for the frame bag for that long of a ride (2700 miles) is simply to get the weight off the back. The more weight on your back, the more pressure is applied to your sit bones and going to be tender. 

The main compartment is on the drive side. I love how Eric put yellow fabric on the inside of this and on the Mountain Feedbags. It will just make seeing into both of them and looking for that one particular item while tired and pedaling so much easier. The other side of the bag has a smaller pocket that will be perfect for the tools/first aid stuff. 

Many thanks to Tim for helping me get this important item. Thanks buddy. 

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