Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fawk my HOA

For years now my yard has looked like hell. It's nothing but weeds and they let everything go and only mow twice a season and I get in trouble when I get out there and mow. Officially, I live in a town home. Mine is disconnected but there are some up the street that are connected. I share this strip of land with my neighbor who also has been disappointed by our HOA. Her Grandson owns his own landscaping business and for Christmas he told her he wanted to transform her lawn. She checked with us and, of course, we supported it. He drew up the plans and we submitted them to the HOA on March 1st. The plans were approved and they started work this week.

Here you can see Todd tearing up the weeds and the top layer of soil. You can also see how my lawn pretty much looked. Totally whiskey tango.

So long weeds and shitty soil.

I am amazed at how Todd was able to look at this relatively small strip of land and visualize something. Because of my HOA, Todd stuck to the script.

Between our houses, we have these retaining walls. We have bitched about these for 6 years now and finally got the ones between our houses done. The ones on the other side of the house are still a wreck of non-pressure treated lumber that is now a pile of sawdust. Todd put one boulder on the first tier and river rock. I love river rock. He also put river rock under both the porches and connected them. I love Todd.

This is how it looked when I got home Friday. The bare spots you see will have new soil on Monday and will also be hydro seeded. Todd's also going to put a new fence in to replace the old one. Here's a big shout out to the a-hole that lives up the street from me who came down to bitch about how it looked. He thought the boulders were too big. Luckily, I was at work when he decided to stop by or I probably would have lost my cool and fed him a dog turd. He was telling Todd to move trees and boulders around and Todd played along for a bit until he got mad. I probably would have jumped in the front loader and dug a hole just big enough for his body. Those are spruce pines and the one in the foreground is some species of small maple that is supposed to smell really good when it blooms and look amazing in the fall. In about a week we will get some flowering shrubs too. My curb appeal just went north. Every time the d-bag from up the street comes by, I flip him the bird. It's only a matter of time before I get a letter about having 3 functional and non-redneck vehicles in the driveway. It's also only a matter of time before he asks me to look at his old bicycle too and I throw it

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