Friday, May 11, 2012


It's rare that we wake up to clouds here but today that's what I saw. It stayed that way all day. I knew that as soon as school was out it would start raining or snowing. Sure enough...just before 3 the snow started. I was supposed to ride for 2 hours and do some really uncomfortable Zone 5 intervals. I hurried home and got dressed and headed out. As I was riding to a bigger climb that leads above town, I remembered this same workout last year. Same weather. I rode this 20 minute climb in a 32x22 and never saw higher than 158 beats per minute. Then I looped around and down and arrived back at the base of the same climb. I was not able to hit 182 last year. I warmed up for an hour and by then it was coming down pretty good. Snow one minute. Then rain. Then sleet. Usually I start my intervals and wait until I hit the number I need to be at and then start the time. After almost 2 minutes of climbing in the middle ring and bottom cog, I still hadn't hit it yet. I tried again. Still couldn't do it. Have no clue why. I was frustrated and very cold. I know I am not in that good of shape. Maybe work stress? Lack of beer intake? New mustache not thick enough?

Then I happened to look off the road and saw this small herd of Elk. I made the decision to ride off road next. I went to a little loop that I've ridden before and seen high numbers. Not today. At the 2 hour mark I couldn't feel my hands anymore and decided to head home. This workout gave me fits last year but I remember feeling like a super hero at about 9 weeks in so I'm sure things will be fine. Just wish I knew what the problem was. 

Supposed to rain/snow all night and be shitty most of the weekend so I imagine things will be rough but school is almost out and then I'll be able to try and wait the spring storms out a bit. 

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