Sunday, May 6, 2012

Can you dig it?

The Alma (AKA Shaft) has not been ridden since my shivering, dismal, frightened, and morose 2011 attempt at the Colorado Trail Race. It's been hanging in the garage since then. I threw it together Friday night and got him all dialed in and cleaned up today. He's probably going to get a new fork real soon here and very well may get called into action next month depending on whether or not I think my scrawny little legs can push over one gear for at least 88 miles and somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 feet. I had forgotten how well this bike cleaned up. It's pretty bad. 

That big ole aluminum seat post doesn't flex nearly as much as the Eriksen ti post does. I swapped out the stem for this Thomson zero degree and both bikes measure pretty darn closely. The bars do sit lower on Shaft because of the sag in the fork and that's the biggest reason I'll replace it soon. I also mounted up the WTB Weirwolf tire. What a buzzkill that thing is. It's a 2.5 that could easily pass for my 2.1 Ignitor in the rear. I'll have to look at a Racing Ralph or an Ardent eventually. Those are also the horrible WTB Laserdisc hubs on the wheels that left me high and dry in 2008 just south of Monarch Crest (it was so choice sitting in the back of that guys Ford drinking his Coors and eating some Pop Tarts while cruising in to Salida).

I'm so lucky to have 2 really nice 29ers. I really love riding the SS but I don't know if I'm man enough to do more than 5-6 hours on it. 

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