Saturday, January 21, 2012

What an amazing ride!!

I got out for a 3 hour ride today out by the gold mines in Cripple Creek and Victor. There is some really amazingly cool old mining gear out there. I love checking that stuff out. I did get some really cool pictures and I think I'll put those into a slideshow later on tonight. But...whenever I ride, I am always looking on the side of the road for stuff. Sometimes I find cool sunglasses, bones, tools, antlers, etc. but today I saw this tackle box and then turned around to make sure I had really seen it. It was way down this embankment. I climbed down there and started going through it.

Spoons from Daredevil and Kastmaster are easily 5 dollars a piece. I bet I brought home 20 of them in addition to about 10 Rapala's. There was tons of Power bait and all kinds of other crap in there too. Not sure how the hell it got there. Then I looked around and saw all of these hanging from a nearby tree.

Then I found this.

And this.

These are wooden lures that were made back in about 1930 by a company called Paw Paw. The top one is a 9100 Runt lure and the bottom one is a Pike replica lure. I bet these are worth 15 bucks a piece. What a killer day. Hope you all did something cool.

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