Saturday, January 28, 2012


Heather and I went over to Breckenridge to check out the ice sculptures today. Cadillac had a booth near the sculptures. They only brought one car but they only needed to bring one car. This is the 2011 CTS-V Black Diamond Edition. It looked like the car was driven from the dealer because it was dirty which was a bummer. Even still, the paint is incredible look at. They use aluminum flakes in the paint and it really is stunning. It also comes with these 19" wheels with Brembo brakes hiding behind them. I couldn't get too many good pictures because of all the people looking at it. One guy was busy talking about how he'd love to have it if it wasn't a 6 speed manual transition. I wanted to bitch slap him.

The interior had Recaro seats that were two tone leather (black bolsters with tan inserts). They shoulda had the hood open to show off the 6.2 motor and that supercharger that makes about 550ish horsepower. At about $70,000, I will never have the pleasure of owning one of these.

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