Sunday, January 1, 2012

Stop riding bikes.

This is what I have been instructed to do. At least for a little bit. This past week I put my road bike on the trainer because it is the only bike I have that is complete right now. My neck locked right up the next day. Stubbornly, I rode it for another hour the next day and things got worse. So I haven't done anything bike related for 3 days now and my neck feels much better. The range of motion is still limited and it's painful when I push it too far but I am able to sleep through the night. I will probably be getting rid of the road bike here real soon and coming up with a way to ride one of the 29ers on the trainer when I need to. I've also been instructed to build the carbon bike up enough to at least ride it on a trainer for a bike fitting. Admittedly, my Doctor doesn't know much about bike fit but he thinks that is the problem. So he's sending me to a guy this week to have him look at it.

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