Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This is for Bogs

My buddy Bogs mentioned how that Black Sheep I posted up looks like it's got some McClung in it. For a long time now, Don has built bikes the way he wants to build them. I'd love to have him build me something but I don't care to run cantilever brakes and, for a long time, that's what Don has done (in addition to only building singlespeed stuff with truss forks). I got these pictures a while ago from a reliable source and they are supposed to be built by Don. I can't confirm this but, if it's true, it's exciting and very different from what any McClung I've ever seen.

In this picture you can see the EBB shell, disc tabs and a sexy EBB to chain stay connection.

This is pretty exotic. I haven't been able to find out anything else about this build yet but I'm digging.

I included this picture because it made me think of Bogs. This is what I think of when I hear McClung. I think this one belongs to a guy on the east coast. He's currently running Avid V-brake style brakes but it used to have Campy Record OR brakes.

And since we're talking about McClung's we might as well as talk about this kooky guy. He's also a Salida local and one of the guys that I look up to the most. He's not on a McClung in this picture but he's probably still got his. This is Jason Shelman. I met Jason in 2008 when I first attempted the Colorado Trail Race. Jason showed up and pulled his bike out of the back of his friend's car, slung his messenger bag over his shoulder and was ready to go. He wore baggy shorts and a short sleeve button up shirt and rode on platform pedals and running shoes. He is a very strong rider and a true inspiration.

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