Friday, January 6, 2012

Eriksen Cycles

After talking with the folks at Eriksen the other day about the shipping mishap on the seat post I mentioned that, in my excitement, I was worried that my seat post was a touch short. They asked what the measurements were and then agreed that I probably should have gone longer and said, "Want us to ship you another one to swap it out?" I said, "No...because I already installed it and it was my fault for not measuring more accurately." Today I came home to find yet another seat post that measured 360mm long along with a call tag for the other two posts. I'm speechless. I wish I got paid more so I could support them and ride one of their frames. If they are paying this much attention to a customer buying only a seat post, I can only imagine their involvement on a custom frame. Thanks again Eriksen.

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Don Meredith said...

Its always great to hear customer support stories like that. Its great that Kent's organization hasn't lost touch with the customers after all of his success. Impressive! More validation to my idea that you should give your hard earned money to people that ride... they get it and ultimately keep the bike world rolling. You're going to love that post man... put up ride pics when you can!