Sunday, January 29, 2012

Breckenridge snow sculptures part II

Last year it was really warm when we went to the snow sculptures but not today. As we went over Hoosier Pass the temp was 16. It looked warm but the mercury didn't lie. It took FOREVER to find a place to park. Eventually I just parked at City Market and we walked the bike path up the show. My wife is such a good person. She was seriously worried about us getting in trouble and having the car towed. She's cute.

I thought this was the sharpest sculpture of the show. It featured a mother Grizzly and a cub fishing for Salmon. The details were amazing. You have to look closely but the cub had ice for teeth and claws.

This was another one of my favorites. It's a guy ice fishing outside of his shack. The scarf was really cool. That's a seal peaking up through the ice in the front.

This was Mother Grizz.

On the way back home we were treated to a killer sunset from the mirrors.

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