Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cool bikes

This bike belongs to a guy named Don out of South Carolina. I love this thing. Hopefully he's ok with me stealing the image from his blog. Lately, I've been doing more admiring of vintage bicycles. This is the fork and handlebar I originally wanted to put on the Salsa but I was afraid of how it would handle on an off the shelf frame. I also didn't wanna go too bat shit crazy on my first dedicated singespeed rig. The seat tube angle on this bike is something like 68. So the entire bike has been designed around Don and the use of the funky bars and truss fork and he's still able to run a 110 stem.

Typically, I do not care for Black Sheep bikes because most of them have these crazy curving tubes all over and I tend to like things to be a bit more subtle. I love the seat stays and brake bridge on this. They are much more traditional in design. I can't stop looking at the double top tube with the single bend. This style is also repeated in the single bend in the fork. Don worked with James to make this a modern day bike based upon the looks of an early (1920's?) Elgin bicycle. It's hard to see in this picture but Don worked with Homebrewed Components to make a front chainring that would go on the Middleburns and look like the chainrings from long ago. Wheels from that Curiak guy roll him along. One of the more interesting things about this bike is the chain tensioning system. There's no EBB and the dropouts don't slide. The chain stays are telescoping and you just have to loosen a bolt on each side and then press down on the seat to take up the slack and then tighten those bolts back up. Don says he loves it.


Anonymous said...

That is a very McClung like design. Have you ever checked out his frames? Not sure if he is still building? but know somebody that has one.

Don Meredith said...

Great taste & great post! ;) I've been reading your blog... good stuff.