Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New bike

After a long wait...the El Mariachi is finally done. The big hold up was the Eriksen seat post. I won't go into the entire story but the bottom line is that Katy was honest and got things straightened out for me today and that's all that counts. The short story of it is that there was a mix up along the way and it appears that it was the fault of UPS but, ironically, 2 of these posts showed up today. Katy...I'll shoot the extra one back to you tomorrow. I'm ecstatic with the way I was treated by Eriksen and if I ever decide to have a custom ti bike built, they are the first I will contact. I decided to get mango hardware to match the Chris King goodies and I'm glad I did.

Killer etching on the back of the post.

So the bars ended up being 5mm higher than the carbon bike with 20mm of suspension sag and it felt ok in the garage. I also left 20mm on top of the stem so I could play with things a bit. I'm a tad worried that I should have gotten a 360mm seat post instead of 300mm because I'm right on the bubble of the minimum insertion but I think I'll be ok.

I was hoping that this build would come in under 24lbs but I had my doubts. As it sits here with the beefy platform pedals on it weighs 23.4lbs. I actually might get inside 23 with SPD's. Probably not though.

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