Saturday, December 24, 2011

My wife was nice enough to let me take the fork down in the garage tonight and start getting some ideas on how things were going to come together. After a lot of measuring and thinking, this is what I came up with for the fork/stem. There's 30mm of spacers underneath the stem and that puts the bars 5mm higher than they were on the black bike with the suspension fork and about an inch of sag when sitting on it (I was shocked it had that much sag in it with how much air I run in it). I decided to stick with the 120mm, -10 stem because I've been riding it that way for 4 years and with a -6 stem on the black bike it immediately felt awkward and I really didn't wanna change things up too much.

The fork is a second generation Fargo from Salsa. I looked at carbon forks from White Brothers and Niner but kept coming back to this one because of the ability to run Salsa's Anything Cages, what I kept hearing about the ride characteristics, and for the good price. Big thanks to my friend Tim for giving me the homey hook up. Always appreciated buddy!

The seatpost is on the way. The fine folks at Eriksen were making it yesterday so I should have it sometime this coming week. Then I've got to do a bunch of shuffling of parts like seat, and brake levers off some other bikes but it should be done soon. I haven't ridden a steel frame in years so I hope it's not a wet noodle. I think it's going to be really comfortable and that ti post should make a difference. I'm bat shit crazy about the colors.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday. More later.

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