Sunday, December 11, 2011


I don't have too much more to go for the El Mariachi to be done but I'm afraid I already have another bike being built up in my head. Winters are long up here and fat bikes just look so much fun. The options are starting to grow but I doubt we will ever see them be anything more than niche builders. I definitely don't think the folks up in Bedford, PA will ever jump in the game.

This appears to be a new 9 zero 7 frame out of Anchorage. It's owned by factory racer Noah Holcomb. Looks like he had someone re-route the cables internally and then give it a respray with new stickers. Me thinks he was just having some fun with this picture too what with the cranks and all. There might even be a bit of photoshop happening in that area (if you notice the chain/big ring). Still a beautiful bike. The name of the bike on the top tube says "supersnow".

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