Saturday, December 17, 2011

A shout out

If you are in need of body/paint work on your vehicle then get yourself down to Perkins Collision and Paint in Colorado Springs where you can't spell Paint without spelling out pain. They'll set you up with half ass work that results in the best damn 30 foot paint job this side of Earl Sheib.'d pay extra for this kind of custom work.

I've seen 13 year old gang bangers with ADHD lay down a better coat on the side of a building with a can of Krylon and blend better with a single piece of 220 grit.

WTF was Subaru thinking by applying decals to the outside of the car?? Clearly it looks better sitting next to a landing net that wreaks of trout slime and a week old bagel sandwich left over from a recent fishing expedition.

You can also spell out colon with certain letters from Collision. Irony? No. I'm really trying to keep from going down today to have a face to face chat as I really do need to go to work on Monday.

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