Friday, December 23, 2011

Bike fit

I have spent many sleepless nights obsessing over the El Mariachi build. Originally I intended to run a layback seatpost, a Blacksheep truss fork, and possibly Blacksheep mustache bars. This is drastically different than the setup on my Alma and it worried me. I can ride that bike all day long and changing the fit so much is risky. After countless trips to the garage to take measurements, I ended up bagging the layback post and finally ordered what will go on the frame yesterday. It will be a straight post and it will put me in the same spot in relation to the bottom bracket as I am on the Alma. I decided to bag the truss fork and the fork I'm going to run is sitting under the tree right now and will go on Sunday sometime. A handlebar change would require changing stems. I actually want to change that though. I run a 120mm stem with -10 degrees right now and would like to sit up a bit higher. Flipping it to +10 is a big swing though so I intended on swapping to a 120mm with -/+ 6 degrees this year. That might help with numbs hands. The handlebar I ordered last week just showed up.

I don't really like it. The Salsa Pro Moto that I run right now has 11 degrees of sweep and it's 27" wide. The Fleegle bar is supposed to be 28" wide but it has 15 degrees of sweep. IT ends up being a tad narrower than what I like. You always immediately know when a bar is too narrow.

So slowly...this bike is beginning to fit precisely how the Alma does. Maybe it's trying to tell me something? So these will be going back to the folks at On One.

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