Thursday, December 1, 2011

El Mariachi parts

They're starting to come in now. Unfortunately, the build has changed a tad now but I'm happy with the stuff that got here today. Because I wanted to run the XTR cranks, this will be a singlespeed so I ordered a 32 tooth Blackspire ring. I robbed these chainring bolts off the cranks on my Orbea but I had to file down the height of the female bolt about 2mm. It was a bit tedious but I could not find mango bolts anywhere and, as you'll see below, this bike is going to have a bit of color.

This was super hard to find. King still does the mango color but now they only offer it in the new Sotto Voce finish (where the lettering on the headset is also mango) and I just liked the classic look for some reason. I actually ordered it expecting to get the new style one but this is what showed up.

I also got a mango Chris King bottom bracket. I'm hoping to get the bottom bracket and headtube chased and faced this weekend so I can at least install the bottom bracket and cranks.

The fork and brakes are on the way and might be here tomorrow but probably Monday. Unfortunately, I'm being told that I can't install those until Christmas morning so that's fine. Originally I kept going back and forth between a Blacksheep titanium truss fork and a Blacksheep titanium unicrown fork but I couldn't get Blacksheep to return my calls or emails. So...I went a different route but I think it's gonna be cool still. I also wanted to run an Eriksen titanium, layback seatpost but their 27.2 post has 20mm of layback and that would really mess with the fit too much so that's out now too. In the end this bike should be a killer bikepacking bike.

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