Sunday, December 25, 2011

Canine Christmas

It seems that I enjoy Christmas more and more each year since meeting my wife and having both dogs makes it infinitely more fun. This is honestly how excited I get over good pens. All of the legal papers I have folks sign off on is always done in these pens with black ink. These pens will somehow pilgrimage from my work backpack over to Heather's purse or work bag over the course of a few weeks. Then, in an all out assault, I will storm the opposing bags and retrieve said pens and put them back in their original residence. The four pens you see here will being making their first pilgrimage in a matter of weeks.

We always spoil the pups with gifts. This year they got Sushi, their own pumpkin pies, Pupperoni's, milk bones, other treats, and the big gifts...stuffed animals. When we first got Bodhi, he had a pink pig that he loved to carry around and gently nibble on. Here he is with his new friend. Darth Vader.

Darth lost his tool belt and now has a small hole in his butt (on the dark side if you will) but he'll be around for a while.

When I first got Dharma I got her a little brown bear and she carried it around everywhere for about 2 months before finally realizing she could kill it. She quickly moved on to live baby rabbits which she would bring in lifeless and bleeding through the dog door in St. Louis and deliver to my feet. Now...her stuffed animals last about 5 minutes before there is stuffing everywhere. With Bodhi getting Darth, it was only right to get Yoda for Dharma. Here she is having her way with him.

Show the backside of his head the force she did.

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