Sunday, September 4, 2011

New frame

My wife gets a new job and then tells me that I can build a new bike. I didn't ask any questions. I kinda had a frame in mind for a while now and was going to just go that route but then she asks if I want something special. She's the greatest. As much I would love to have a Todd build something for me right now, I'm going to hold off a bit longer. The reason? I've wanted a true dedicated SS frame for a while now but I want to make sure that's what I want before going custom. I'm going to ride SS for a full year and then make a decision. At that point, I can have him do a SS frame or keep the swinger dropouts on their and throw on a hanger too and then have some options. I've just really liked the idea of SS for a few years now but I've never ridden one long enough.

So what did I buy? I almost switched things up last week and bought a ti Salsa El Mariachi but, again, I really wanted to run SS without a Singulator. So I ordered an El Mariachi steel frame. It's going to get built up over the winter and it's gonna be a slow process. In my head I know exactly how it's gonna turn out except for the fork and, for that, I need to talk to some people and go look at some stuff to make up my mind. This bike is going to be different though and it should look insane. I'll post pics of things as they come together.

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