Friday, September 9, 2011

The build begins

Fed Ex just dropped off this.

I looked at a 20" locally about a week ago and was stunned at how long it was. I thought I may have missed the boat on this frame. The new colors are out and I don't care for them at all. Salsa was all out of Bomb Pop Blue 18" frames so I started scouring the internets. I found this one through Speedgoat. The top tube is the same as my carbon bike which is really nice as I didn't wanna deviate too much from that. Head tube is the same once I factor in the 30mm stack height of a Chris King headset. This bike is going to have a rigid fork (not sure what yet) so even with the sag difference vs. suspension the bars should be right where I need them.

I really like these alternator dropouts. Neat idea. I absolutely love the color. Back when I worked for Riteway (which was a distributor for GT Bicycles) I used to have a baby blue Zaskar. Well I only had it for about a week or so and then I got the bubble gum pink GT Psyclone (that frame was fillet brazed) that I should have never let go of. Still upset about that to this day. Anyway...this color reminds me of that Zaskar.

This is going to be built up as a single and I am going to ride it that way for 12 full months. My goal is to keep the carbon bike totally together (although I may rob the wheels from it). This bike is all but built in my head but that's where the details are staying. I'll post pics as parts slowly trickle in but this will be kind of a winter build up for me.

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