Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bears and irresponsible people

Normally our trash gets picked up on Tuesdays but, with the holiday, we got pushed back a day. Yesterday when I was pulling up the street after work and saw my neighbor's trash cans still out, I told myself that bears would be on the street later on. Sure enough...Heather went to let the dogs out before bed and she came running back in telling me it sounded like an animal was in the front yard. I grabbed my light and headed out the front door. Immediately I saw 3 sets of eyes staring back at me. They were about 50 yards away and tossing the neighbor's trash cans. This frustrates me to no end. I walked down the driveway and into the street and then could clearly see that it was a sow and 2 cubs doing the damage. I yelled for them to get and the sow huffed and then she actually false charged a bit. That's the first time I've had that happen to me. I picked up a big rock and hucked it at her and yelled again and made a fuss and the cubs scattered up a tree and mom ran a few yards away. They re-grouped and I did it again before they took off. It's that time of year when bears are trying to fatten up of for the winter and they're looking for an easy meal. But too many bears were killed this year for behaviors that were likely learned and that saddens me as it's not their fault.

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