Saturday, September 24, 2011


Heather has just finished up her first three days of training at her new job. Things sound like they are going to be really cool for her. I'm almost a bit jealous. We initially thought she was going to be getting a Toyota Prius but yesterday her boss told her they were trying to get her a Jeep Liberty so travel on the Pass would be less dangerous. We're not sure what we will do with her Jeep now. This has opened the door to some preliminary discussions centering on vehicles for the kid. I love the green Subaru but we don't ever want to have 2 vehicle payments and this may be the time we get one newer vehicle.

I've always had car ADHD. There's lots of cars that I look at and think are cool but very few that I would actually ever want to own. The Subaru is sporty, roomy for gear, super on gas, it's a hoot to drive in the snow, and I have a thing for wagons. The one vehicle that I would like to get is a Toyota Tacoma but I know I can't afford one. The resale on those things is ridiculous. I cringe at the thought of a truck that has 100,000 miles on it and sells for $16 grand.

I also would love to have a VW Eurovan but, again, the resale on those is high. The other issue with that one is the inevitable transmission repair which could be 3 grand and it's only a matter of time with that.

A Jeep Wrangler would be fun but they don't seem very practical.

I'm more of a foreign car enthusiast but I sure do likes me a big fat Dodge Magnum. The HEMI would rock but I wouldn't want to fill it up at the pump. The SXT is the 250 horse motor and they make that one in AWD but I worry about that system for no other reason than I have no experience with it.

This brings me back to the Subarus green one. It's different with all of the WRX and STI goodies we threw on it. It's fun to romp on it on the forest roads and I don't really care if it gets dinged. I also kinda want to see how many miles I can get the odometer to show.

It's hard being me.

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